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TripIt Pro’s Go Now feature alerts you when you should leave for your drive to the airport based on your current location, flight status, and real-time traffic conditions. We’ll even send you a push notification 10 minutes before it’s time to go and estimate your arrival time once you’re on your way to the airport.

As a TripIt Pro user, once you have enabled Go Now on your Android or iOS TripIt app, you’ll see the Go Now feature on your app flight details screen.

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Here's how it works: 24 hours before your flight, domestic or international, you can check Go Now to see a suggested time to begin your drive to the airport based on your location, current flight status, local traffic patterns, and your preferred arrival time.  A countdown timer will begin up to three hours and 55 mintues before you need to leave, showing you how long you have until it’s time to head to the airport.  Once you’re on your way, Go Now will show your estimated arrival time.

How to enable Go Now: Go Now can be enabled in the Settings area of your account or from your trip itinerary (Android) or Pro tab (iOS)

In Settings: Tap the More tab > Settings > Push Notifications > Go Now Alerts.


In your Android TripIt Itinerary:  Open your trip to your flight segment > tap Go Now under the TripIt Pro heading 


In the iOS TripIt app: Tap the Pro tab > Go Now under Notifications and Alerts.


Updated: Feb 27, 2019 






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