TripIt Pro Alternate Flights

TripIt Pro helps you find alternate flights if your current flight is delayed or canceled.

Available on our Android/iOS apps and our website, Alternate Flights instantly finds you available open seats on other flights if your current flight has been delayed, canceled, or you’d just like to leave on a different flight.

How it works: 

From our mobile apps (iOS [similar on Android]):  Open an upcoming trip, tap on the flight then tap Alternate Flights located under TripIt Pro.


Then search for open seats on Alternate Flights.


From the Web: Open an upcoming trip and click the Alternate Flights link under your flight.


From here, you can search for alternate flights on the same airline or all airlines. You can also customize the search function to search for alternate flights from different departure/arrival airports and/or within different dates and times.


Alternate Flights will display flight details such as the flight number, departure times and available seat classes. If you find a flight which works for you, contact the airline directly to make the update.


                                                                                                               Updated: Jan 3, 2019


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