TripIt for TMCs: Introduction

Introduction to TripIt for TMCs

Our no cost TripIt for TMCs program highlights travel management companies (TMCs) within TripIt so travelers can reach their TMC directly – anytime, anywhere, on any device – to change their plans or get help during their trip. You can get started with TripIt for TMCs on our TripIt for TMCs signup page.

How does it work?

When travelers book through their TMC, the TMC’s logo and contact details are highlighted alongside the travel plans within the TripIt app. If the traveler has TripIt Pro, flight alerts for delays, cancellations and more will feature the TMC and point them to the TripIt app where they can click-to-call the TMC for assistance. Find out more on TripIt for TMCs by reviewing our FAQs.

How does it look?

Available on on our website and Android and iOS mobile apps. Below are mobile views.

t4tmc.jpg        t4tmc2.jpg        t4tmc3.jpg

How is TripIt for TMCs different from TripIt Pro and TripIt for Teams?

TripIt for TMCs is a program that highlights TMCs within TripIt, so travelers can reach their TMC directly at anytime.

TripIt Pro is our premium service for individual TripIt accounts that includes several features, not available to basic account holders, designed to make traveling easier.

TripIt for Teams is a tool for travel planners that helps them organize travel for team members. It provides a travel dashboard, team calendar, and the ability to create itineraries on behalf of their travelers.

Can TripIt for TMCs accommodate multiple phone numbers?

TripIt for TMCs will setup TripIt to pull a contact phone number from your itinerary email. TripIt for TMCs can accommodate client-specific phone numbers, but we do not currently support day/night or geo-specific multiple phone numbers. The TripIt for TMCs team can also set a default phone number for the TMC in the case where another phone number is not provided.

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

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