Nearby Places

Nearby Places makes it easy to find places close to your hotel, rental car, activity or restaurant.

Whether you are looking for a restaurant, bar, cafe, convenience store, parking or ATM—TripIt has you covered with the closest locations for each. If you find a place you like but can’t get there right away, you can save it in TripIt to visit later.  

How does it work?

Within the lodging, rental car, activity or restaurant details screen of your Android or iOS TripIt phone app, you’ll now see Nearby Places. Simply select the type of place you’re looking for, and TripIt will find what’s close by. For example, if you’re looking for a restaurant near where you are staying, all you have to do is tap on the restaurants option in Nearby Places to see what’s close by.

nearby1.jpg               nearby2.jpg

It’ll also give you useful information like the restaurant’s contact details, hours, reviews and more. If you want to see where the restaurant is in relation to your hotel, TripIt will also show you an interactive map with each option tagged. Once you find a place you want to visit you can easily get directions or tap the plus sign to save it in TripIt to visit later.  


Updated: Nov 6, 2018











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