Interactive Airport Maps


TripIt Pro’s new interactive airport maps give you everything you need to quickly and easily navigate your way around the airport.

Available for all TripIt Pro users with either our Android 6.5 or iOS 9.5 app version, our new interactive airport maps are currently available for 61 airports worldwide.  You can search for anything you need while at the airport, from your gate to a charging station, and get step-by-step walking instructions to your destination. 

The interactive airport maps are located in the flight details screen trip itinerary and will display as Pro. If it does not display as Pro, it will be a standard map of the airport. In the airports section, you’ll see airport maps for your departure, layover, and arrival airports.


Internet access is required to access the enhanced maps for the first time, but once a map has been opened, it will then be available offline for the remainder of the trip. 

                                                                                                          Updated: Sep 6, 2018
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