Merge trips

You can merge separate trips within your account on our website and our Android and iOS  apps (not yet available for tablets).


Open your trip and tap on the menu (upper right).  From the drop-down select Merge Trip.


Open your trip and tap on the floating action button (lower right).  From the drop-down select Merge into Another Trip.


Using our website you can combine any of your existing trips into a single itinerary.

From the Trips page, select Merge directly below your trip destination and dates.  *(See our help video)




A trip must have a trip item (air, hotel, car, map, etc) to merge successfully.  Trips with no trip items (e.g. just dates)
will delete when being merged.  To be sure you don't delete any part of your trip, include at least one item (e.g. map)
in both the first and last date of the trip prior to merging.

Past trips more than 90 days old cannot be merged into other trips.

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

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