Edit trip itinerary on our website

You can change the high-level detail of your itinerary and add or edit individual trip items.

Change the high-level detail (trip name, start/end date, destination)

1. Click Options (Gear icon) then select Edit Trip on your itinerary page. 


2. From here you can change or rename the trip, and change primary destination and dates; add a photo; and set viewing permissions.

  • The Destination City box must be city specific and draws from our database.
  • The Trip Name box allows you to enter any text you wish.


Add plans to any trip on your itinerary page.

1. Click Add Plans to add Flight, Lodging, Car Rental, Rail, Cruise, Ground & Ferry Transportation, Restaurant, Activity, Meeting, Map, Directions, and Note items.

  • The key, when making a manual entry, to placing the correct destination in the date header and the trip summary and in placing the correct time zone is to make sure the 'Address' field is filled in in full (or at minimum, with at least a city and country) and each trip item has a time stamp.


 Change (edit or delete) the item details of your itinerary.

1. Click on Edit or Delete in the lower left of the appropriate trip item in your itinerary. 


  • Click here for details on deleting a single segment tied to a multi-segment reservation (e.g. one segment of a round-trip)


  • For security purposes (many users sign in to their site on company, internet cafe, etc. computers) our site does sign out after approximately 20 minutes. To avoid this you just need to make incremental saves as you go along. Every time you save the time out clock starts again.
  • Currently there is no option to attach a pdf file to your trip.  The best work-around we can suggest is to create your doc as a .jpg and add it using the Add photo link at the bottom of the Edit page (options > edit)

  • Some ad-blockers, add-on's, and extensions have been found to disrupt some TripIt editing features on Web browsers.   Many of these products allow you to whitelist a site if you wish.  Please also refer to the Do Not Track section of our Privacy Policy.  

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Updated: Aug 9, 2018

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