Problem with your TripIt submission

Please let us know of any failed vendor email (supported or non-supported) and we will make every effort to correct or build support for the vendor.

Report it to us!  Just contact TripIt Support or use the email action button at the bottom of each help page on your Android or iOS device.

  • Select the category Problem with your submission.
  • In the Description area provide us the subject line of the booking confirmation e-mail in question and the e-mail address you submitted it from. If reporting missing or incorrect trip items please be specific as to item, date, etc.
  • No need to resend your original vendor confirmation email.  It will be read automatically as a new submission and will generate a Booking Mistakenly Sent to TripIt Support email back to you. 

Possible reasons why you received a There was a problem with your TripIt submission email:

  • Email Format Change: A supported booking vendor changed their confirmation email format (most common reason). We will fix it as soon as we become aware of the change so let us know!
  • Language: TripIt is optimized to process English-language confirmation emails, and we are actively expanding support for French, German, and Japanese.  
  • Not Original Vendor Email: Your submitted email was not an original vendor confirmation email (e.g. copy and paste into email, hand typed itinerary, printed from Web browser, scans).
  • Non-Supported Vendor: Your booking was made through a vendor that is not currently supported (smaller independent hotels, etc).
  • Non-Supported Item: Your submission was one of the following unsupported items: Travel insurance, a cancellation confirmation, meeting invitation.
  • Multiple Attachments: Your submitted email contains more than one attachment (i.e. multiple pdf files, etc). We read only the first attachment in an email.
  • Email Requires Password: Your confirmation email contains a link to view your itinerary on the booking vendor's website, but requires your password.
  • Email Client: A setting in your email client has changed the format of your forwarded emails (setting should be to send email as plain text and HTML).

In the meantime, if you wish, you can add your trip details to your account manually.

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Updated: Nov 7, 2018

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