Move travel item to other or new trip

You can easily move individual travel segments (flights, hotel, car, etc.) from one trip itineary to another or new itinerary.

If you've received confirmation emails from us stating your trip is ready but you do not see them where you expect to, they may be in a pre-existing trip.  TripIt posts trip information by travel date and automatically imports your travel plans into an existing itinerary if the dates overlap (as most trip items with similar dates are additions to an existing trip). 

It's easy to move, split, unmerge, or separate these plans to a new or to another trip in your account.

Mobile Apps:

If you have upgraded your mobile devices to at least Android v 4.4 and/or iOS 7.2.0 you can now move individual trip items from an existing trip to a new or existing trip.  Please select the edit icon once you have opened the trip item.  Please view the video.


Click on Move on the left side of the trip item you wish to move to another existing or to a new itinerary.

Select the trip you want to move the item to or choose Create New Trip and then click on the Move button.

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

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