Weather display

Real time weather updates are displayed on the Web view of your itinerary. 

Real time weather will display for any trip within 7 days of the current date.  For any trip beyond 7 days, historical weather data is used to estimate the weather conditions for that particular date in the future.

Because forecast information is generally only available for the next week, TripIt uses historical averages to help you plan for weather far in advance of your trip.

  • You'll see average low and high temperatures for that day, plus an icon to indicate an above-average likelihood of precipitation (snow or rain) or high winds.
  • Please note that historical average weather data is not the same as a weather forecast, which can vary greatly from historical conditions.
  • Weather averages are only displayed on the Web view of your itinerary, not on our mobile apps.
  • Weather is not displayed for past trips.

For Pro users:

  • Weather updates are included in Pro flight alerts when the chance of precipitation is 30% or greater.
  • Pro check-in emails will include the 5-hour weather forecast for the departure location and a 5-day weather forecast for the arrival location.

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

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