Trip sharing from the website

Share your trip with others with a secure private invitation or via a public link.

Section A describes how to create a private invitation and section B how to create a public link.  To learn more about sharing trips, go to our Share Trips info page.

A. Private invitation

Only you and people you invite will have access to your travel plans.  To add someone to your trip, follow these steps:

1. On the itinerary page of your trip, click Add next to 1 of 3 trip invitee options: Traveler, Viewer, or Planner

  • Travelers are going on the trip.  They can see and edit trip details.
  • Viewers can see your trip but can't edit or comment on trip details. (Note: a shared trip will not include cost, confirmation numbers or frequent flyer numbers unless the person is marked as a traveler.) (Groups can be added only as viewers.)
  • Planners can see and edit trip details but aren't going on the trip
  • NOTE: Travelers, Viewers, and Planners become TripIt connections if not already.


2. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to share your trip with or select them from your TripIt Connections list, or your Gmail and Yahoo address books.

  • Tips: If you want to change the trip invitee type prior to sending the invitation you can use the menu to toggle between Travelers, Viewers, and Planners.


3. You can see how your itinerary will display to the user in the email they receive by clicking on Preview email.


4. If you are a member of a TripIt for Teams group, you can also share your trip details with everyone in your group.

  • Tip: Share your trip itinerary with your group to coordinate travel plans or off-site meetings.   Note: Groups can only be added as Viewers.  Only individuals can edit or add to the trip plans.

5. When done with your entries click the Add button.

  • Trip invitations will immediately be sent to those you invited to view your trip
  • All users will be added to your trip with the pre-selected permissions of Traveler, Viewer, or Planner.

6. You can also change a trip invitee's permissions once you/ve added them to a trip.

  • Find the invitee's name in the header of your trip and click the arrow to expand their entry.
  • Toggle between the available options and they will be instantly moved to your new selection.


  • You can also remove the invitee from your trip by clicking Remove from trip



  • You can view all outstanding invitations, or cancel outstanding invites, from the Network tab.
  • If you are a TripIt Pro subscriber, you can also set up an inner circle of connections to automatically share all of your trips.
  • When you invite non-TripIt account holders to view your trip via a secured url TripIt creates a free TripIt account for that invitee's email address (the account, with sign in credentials, is necessary for the invitee to view the trip subsequent times after initially viewing the trip via the invite email). The free account allows TripIt to protect your travel data while providing the share invitee a secure way to access your travel plans.

B. Public URL

You can generate a special link/URL that will let anyone with access to the link view your trip. This method is helpful if you want to post your trip on your blog or in some other forum, where any member of the public could view your itinerary. Because trips often contain sensitive personal data, use public URL sharing cautiously.  (Creation of our public url is not available via our mobile devices.)

1. On the itinerary page of your trip, click on the link icon.


2. Copy the URL displayed.


Updated: Feb 8, 2017

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