Add a new trip using the website

You can create a trip for any travel type by forwarding your vendor confirmation or by manually entering your travel information on the website (or on our mobile app)

Forward your plans:

Forward a travel confirmation email to  That's it!  We'll do the rest!  

    • You can edit your itinerary, add maps, directions, weather, meetings, activities, notes, photos, and more.  Then, share your itinerary with friends, family, and co-workers.  You can even access your TripIt itineraries from your mobile device!

Create your trip manually:

If you don't have a confirmation email or if your submission to failed, you can add your itinerary manually to your TripIt account. 

1. Enter your high-level trip details on the Create a trip page accessed via any + Add a trip link.

    • Note: You can only specify one primary destination when creating a trip.  For any date you'll be at another location use the + Add Plans feature within the trip once created (see step #2 below).
    • Note: For security purposes (many users sign in on company, internet cafe, etc. computers) our site does sign out after approximately 20 minutes. To avoid this you just need to make incremental saves as you go along. Every time you Save the time out clock starts again.


2. After creating the trip shell, click Add plans.


3. Select the type of plan you want to add and we'll walk you through the rest.

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

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