Unfiled items

Travel items that can’t be associated with a trip are placed as an unformatted note in the Unfiled items section of your account.

The Unfiled items folder is accessible via our website and Android and iOS apps. You can move an unfiled item to an existing or new trip at any time.  

We place travel items as unfiled items when:

  • Your original booking confirmation email or other information sent to plans@tripit.com is unable to be processed by our parser.
  • You have unchecked the box Put new plans into trips. If unchecked, your new plans from email or applications will go into your Unfiled items folder in the Travel Preferences section on your About you page ( Settings > About you).
  • You have chosen to move items to the Unfiled items folder when deleting a trip.

Steps to move an unfiled item (Web).

1. Click on the Unfiled Items text at the top left of your Trips page.


2. For your chosen item, select Move. 


3. Click on the name of the existing trip to which you want to move the item or on Create New Trip. The item will auto-place by date order in an existing trip. If not dated, it will appear as an Undated Item at the bottom of the trip. If creating a new trip, you will be asked to name the trip.


Delete Unfiled Items:

You can delete unfiled items from the Web and the Android and iOS TripIt apps.

Web: From your signed-in account on our website, see step 2 above.

Android: Hold down on the individual item to navigate to the delete option.

iOS: Swipe to the left of the individual item to navigate to the delete option.

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

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