Change daily location or time zone

You can change the daily location display and/or the location and/or timezone for a trip item.

Our date headers, displaying location and weather, are created automatically as long as there is a trip item (flight, car, meeting, etc.) for that day.  For a date not displayed, once a new trip item is added a date header will appear. 

The location placed in the date header is the destination for the day (based on the entry closest to midnight with a readable address in the trip item address field).  If there is no address in any trip item for any given day, the last readable address will set the location (e.g. the day or more before).  If there is only a partial entry (mainly not a clear city and country name) our mapping system will make it's best judgment to place the location or based on the info may revert to the last readable address. The weather is a historical average for the destination.

Changing your location:

You can change the location for any date within your itinerary.

- Your daily location is decided by the address (including city and country) associated with your last item before midnight.  An item without an address may prevent the actual location from being determined.

 - For cruises: To have ports post correctly you need to place both the city and country name in the Location box. The Location Name box places the name as text in the trip item and is not related to the date header destination.

- To change your location and/or your time zone you will need to either provide the address for an existing trip item or create a new trip item with an address.

- Once done, the city in the date header should reflect your actual location.

- Make sure to include a time for each trip item.

Note: Date headers displaying weather and location only appear when viewing your trip on our main site (; not on our mobile apps.

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

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