Editing a location or time zone

Locations, time zones, maps, and directions are all determined by the content entered in the address field of a trip item. 

The key, when making a manual entry, to placing the correct destination in the date header and the trip summary and in placing the correct time zone is to make sure the Address field contains at least a city and state or country name and each trip item has a time stamp

The more precise the address, the more accurate your location, time zone, map, and directions will be. The best path is to place the full postal address of the location (street number and name, city, state, [or city, country if non-U.S.] and postal code).


Occasionally a postal address may not map (usually for more remote locations).  If this is the case you can add latitude and longitude coordinates.  If you do not know the coordinates for your location you can find them on Google Maps (on the Web;  you can't get coordinates of a place on phone or tablet).  

Steps to find coordinates:

  1. Right-click a place or area on the map.
  2. Select What's here?
  3. Under the search box an info card with coordinates will appear.

Acceptable formats for coordinates:

Degrees, minutes and seconds (DMS): 41° 24' 12.1674", 2° 10' 26.508"
Decimal degrees (DD): 41.40338, 2.17403 

Updated: Nov 6, 2018


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