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Team Travelers

A traveler can have two roles as a TripIt for Teams member dependent on the team settings selected by the administrator:

1. If the administrator has set the team to include managed travel, you can authorize an administrator to add, edit, and view trips on your behalf and/or

2. If the administrator has set the team to include shared travel, you can authorize to have your travel details shared with other team members. You'll also be able to view the travel details for other team members.

Note: For shared travel, your administrator can choose to have team members share full itineraries, destination/travel dates only, or none at all.

Authorize an Administrator

For travelers who want to join a team, please follow these steps:

a. Your administrator will send you an email asking for your permission to join a team.

b. If the administrator has set the team to include managed travel, it will ask that you authorize the team's administrator to create, view, and edit trips on your behalf.

c. If the administrator has set the team to include shared travel information, it will ask that you accept having your travel details made visible to teammates (the email will clearly advise if you are sharing your detailed travel itineraries or destination and dates only).

d. If the administrator has created a team but has opted out of managing travel for travelers or sharing travel details between team members, it will simply ask you to join the team.

e. You will need to accept the invitation before you are added to the team.You can also accept the invitation from your TripIt account. After logging into your account on our website, go to the Teams page where you can accept or decline the invitation.

Once you've accepted the team invitation, your administrator can begin sending your travel confirmation emails to TripIt (if your admin has chosen to manage your travel) and consolidated itineraries will appear on your account.

f. You can add travel plans to your own account by forwarding your reservation confirmation emails to or modifying your own trips on our website and TripIt apps.

g. You will also be able to view the travel details of other teammates (if your administrator has opted to share trip details within your team) by going to the Teams page and selecting the Travel Calendar tab. If the administrator has chosen to display detailed itineraries, you can click on any traveler's name to display their full itinerary.

 Additional Information for managed travel:

Prevent sharing a trip with your administrator and/or team.

Trips are immediately shared with your authorized administrator or team upon trip creation.To prevent your administrator or team from seeing trips that you personally forward to or manually add, you will need to first create a trip shell and check the Do not share with Teams box. You can do this by clicking on Add a trip on the Home page or Trips page, enter the destination, travel dates then check the Do not share with Teams box.  Please note there has to be only one matching trip shell with the dates that match your booking dates exactly.


After you’ve create the trip shell, you can forward the confirmation email with the corresponding dates to  Your trip item will fall in the corresponding trip and will not be shared with your administrator or team.

Please note, the traveler will still see their personal trip on their travel calendar when they are logged into their own account but other team members will not see this trip from their account.

Remove an administrator or team from an existing trip.

If the trip has already been shared with your administrator and/or team you have the option to remove them at any time. Sign into your account on our website, open the desired trip, click on the triangle to the right of your administrator’s name (as a planner) or team's name (as a viewer), then select Remove from Trip.


Please note: Depending on the team settings, your authorized administrators and team members may receive your trip information immediately upon itinerary creation.  Marking a trip to not share with your team after creation will not retroactively remove the trip from your administrator's account or team calendar. 

Updated: Feb 4, 2019


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