Teams: Admins - Managing teams

An administrator has the authority to create new teams and manage existing ones.

The TripIt for Teams owner is automatically an owner and can also create and manage teams.

Notes: The account owner has access to all teams. An administrator can only access teams they've created or are a team member of. Travelers will only see the teams they are a member of and have no team editing rights.

Create TripIt team(s) for your employees

Only the owner or designated administrators can create / manage teams. Depending on the trip details settings of the specific team, travelers will be able to either view all trip details, destination and travel dates only, or no trip details are displayed for team members on the Travel Calendar. Please note, if the trip's destination is the same as the traveler's home location, it will not appear on the Travel Calendar.

Creating a team

Both the owner and the TripIt for Teams administrator can create and manage teams.

Only the owner or designated administrator can create and manage teams.

  • From the Teams tab, click Add Team.

Step 1

Choose a team name

  • Select whether admins can manage their travelers' TripIt accounts and trips.
  • Determine if travelers have the option to invite other travelers to join the team.
  • Choose the trip details setting that team members can see (full itineraries, dates/destinations only, or nothing is shared among team members).

Step 2

  • Add the email address for each traveler you want added to this team.


Step 3

  • Add the email address for any other administrator you want to manage this team.

Edit an existing team

From the Teams tab, click on the team's name or click edit next to the team's name then make your edits. You'll be able to update the trip details setting and add/remove travelers and administrators.

Add additional travelers to an existing team

Team members can add additional travelers from the Travel Calendar. Just click on the team's name, input the new traveler's email address and click the Add Traveler button.

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

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