Teams: Admins – Managing travel

An administrator can choose to manage travel for their travelers when creating a team.

If an administrator chooses to manage travel for their travelers, they must first send an invite to their travelers and be accepted by them before they are able to add, edit, and view their travelers' trips. The TripIt for Teams owner is automatically an administrator.

Getting Started:

 Using TripIt for Teams, you can easily organize and manage your travelers' plans:

- Easily create trips for your travelers.

- Add elements such as meetings and dining reservations.

- Share trip plans with others.

- Keep track of all your travelers' trips from a travel dashboard.

Requesting permission from your travelers to arrange their travel by creating a new team.

- From the Teams tab, click Add Team.


- Choose a team name

- If an admin selects Yes to managing their travelers' TripIt accounts, they will be able to create, edit, and view trips for their authorized travelers.


- Determine if travelers have the option to invite other travelers to join the team.

- Choose the trip details setting that team members can see (full itineraries, dates/destinations only, or nothing is shared among team members).

- Add the email address for each traveler you want added to this team.

- Add the email address for any other administrator you want to manage this team.

Request permission from a traveler to arrange their travel on an existing team.

 - From the Teams tab.

- Click on the team’s name or click edit next to the team’s name.

- Click the Add Traveler button.

- Enter your traveler’s email address.

- Click Save

Your traveler(s) will receive an email from TripIt requesting them to authorize you to manage their travel in TripIt.  They simply need to click the link in this email to grant you permission as their administrator.

Create trips for your travelers

You can add a trip for your traveler by adding your traveler’s email address in the subject line before forwarding their confirmation email to  


Note: Our accounts are email-based, so adding their email address in the subject line ensures that the trip is added to your traveler’s account with you included as the trip’s planner.

Manually create a trip for your traveler from the Teams page

- From the Travel Calendar tab.

- Select your traveler’s name.

- Click the Add Trip button.


- From the Travel Dashboard tab.  

- Select your traveler’s name.

- Click the Add Trip button.


Once the trip is created, you can manually add trip items such as meetings or activities. You can also add trip items by forwarding their confirmation emails to with your traveler’s email address in the subject line.

Adding other administrators

Only the owner of the TripIt for Teams subscription and other administrators can give other users the ability to view and manage itineraries for authorized travelers.

1. From the Teams tab.

2. Click on the team's name or click Edit next to the team's name.

3. Click the Add Admin button.

4. Enter the administrator's email address.

5. Click Save.


The Owner can give administrator rights to an existing traveler from the Travelers page.

1. From the Travelers page.

2. Locate your traveler's name.

3. Under Role, update the traveler's status from Traveler to Admin.


The owner can also add a new administrator from the Travelers page by clicking the Add Admin button and entering the new administrator's email address.

The new admin will receive an email welcome message alerting them that they can now manage the travelers on their team.

Manage trips from the Travel Dashboard

Access the dashboard anytime by clicking the Travel Dashboard tab from the Teams page.

- The Travel Dashboard will display all of your traveler's upcoming and past trips.

- Easily pop into each trip itinerary directly from the Travel Dashboard or view their trip details by clicking on a traveler's name.

- Add new trips for your travelers


Travel Calendar

Access the travel calendar anytime by clicking the Travel Calendar tab from the Teams page.

- Easily view your traveler's trips in a convenient calendar view.

- See which travelers will be in the same location at the same time with the Shared Location feature.

- Add new trips for your travelers.

View trips for a specific traveler

From the Travel Dashboard.

1. Select whether you want to view upcoming, past or all trips.

2. Uncheck the box of the travelers you do not want to see.


3. Uncheck the box to the left of Travelers.

4. Check the box to the left of the travelers you want to see.


From the Travel Calendar.

1. Uncheck the box to the left of each of your Team names.

2. Check the box to the left of your traveler's name.


Helpful tips:

- If a reservation changes and you receive an updated confirmation, be sure to delete the original reservation in TripIt and send the updated confirmation to (with the traveler's name in the subject line).

- Ensure your traveler sets up the calendar feed for calendar integration and downloads the TripIt mobile app from to make full use of TripIt’s features. Travelers with iPhones and iPads can also subscribe to their TripIt calendar from the TripIt app's Settings area.

- Need assistance? Contact TripIt Support.

Updated: Feb 4, 2019



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