Teams: Owner

A TripIt for Teams subscription has a single owner.

The owner has the same rights as an administrator and can view and manage travel for their authorized travelers and/or create and manage teams


Only the owner can access and update the TripIt for Teams billing information and/or cancel the TripIt for Teams subscription.

TripIt Pro for individual travelers:

With TripIt for Teams, any user associated with your Team subscription can get TripIt Pro for $3/month. This is a per-traveler add-on for TripIt for Teams and 33% off the normal TripIt Pro price. Only the owner can add TripIt Pro for other Team users and the additional charge will be billed to the same credit card used for the monthly TripIt for Teams billing.

Here’s how:

1. First, the owner must sign into his or her own account on our website.

2. From the Teams tab, click Travelers

3. Click Upgrade under Pro for each user you'd like to have TripIt Pro


1. From the Teams tab, click Teams

2. Click the team name or click edit next to the team's name

3. Click Upgrade under Pro for each user you'd like to have TripIt Pro

The owner can cancel the Pro feature for any individual (if paid through TripIt for Teams) at any time they wish by going to the Travelers page, clicking Manage Pro subscriptions, then clicking 'Cancel Pro for Traveler' next to the traveler's name.

Change Owner:

If the TripIt for Teams ownership needs to switch from one user to another, please contact TripIt Support directly providing the email address of the current owner and email address of the new owner and we’ll make the switch. Please ensure the new owner is currently an administrator in your TripIt for Teams subscription.

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

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