SMS alerts for TripIt Pro

TripIt SMS travel alerts are supported in over 140 countries. 

In a few of the supported countries some carriers that do not receive direct SMS alerts. The current list of carriers not supported includes:

  • Brazil: Amazonia Cellular, Claro, CTBC Cellular, Nextel Brazil, Sercomtel, Telemig
  • China: China Netcom, China Telecom, ChinaSat
  • India: Reliance Telecom Ltd, Tata Teleservices
  • Indonesia: Aces, Mobile 8, Telkom Flexi, Telkomsel, Esia
  • Israel: Mirs (iDEN)
  • Japan: NTT DoCoMo
  • Korea: SK Telecom
  • Macau: Hutchison Macao
  • Russia and Kazakhstan: ReCom, Tele2 Irkutsk
  • Switzerland: Tele2 Switzerland
  • *Note: SMS is not supported for Canada and Mexico (please use PUSH notifications). 

If your carrier is not supported, an email can be sent to your phone that appears as a text message or you may be able to receive PUSH notifications.

PUSH Alerts:

Push notifications (a way for an app to send information to your phone similar to but not the same as SMS alerts) are now available for TripIt Pro subscription holders on both iOS and Android.  Please see our Help page titled Push notifications for iOS and Android.

Email Alerts:

Many mobile carriers create a specific email address for each phone number beginning with the mobile phone number. For example, Rogers mobile carrier in Canada uses You'll receive most alerts, but some may be delayed by an hour or more depending on your mobile carrier.

1. Contact your mobile carrier to get your specific email address.

2. Go to the travel alerts section of your account settings page.

3. Click on Add a mobile phone.


 4. Select "Other" when setting where your mobile carrier is based


5. Enter your phone's SMS email address.


Updated: Nov 6, 2018

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