Automatic Trip Share with Inner Circle

TripIt Pro members trips are automatically shared with any TripIt Connection included in their Inner Circle

  • The invitee does not need to be a TripIt Pro member to be included in a TripIt Pro member's Inner Circle.
  • New trips are shared as soon as they are posted in your account.   
  • Trip sharing is not reciprocal (you will not be provided trip information for the person you have added to your Inner Circle).

Add connections to your Inner Circle on the Network page of our website.

1. Click on the name of any connection on your Network page (under your map).


2. Select Add to Inner Circle on the pop-up window that appears.


3. Once selected you can assign view or collaboration (edit) status to your Inner Circle connection.

  • For most users, the best choice is Viewer permissions only.
  • Edit permissions is primarily used by travel arrangers. 


Remove connections from your Inner Circle on the Network page.

1. You can edit rights or remove connections from your inner circle on the pop-up window that appears after clicking on the user name of a connection on your Network page.


*Important!  Inner Circle members receive your trip information immediately upon itinerary creation.  If you are planning a trip that you do not wish one or more of your Inner Circle members to see (surprise trip, birthday, anniversary, etc.) you need to first create a trip shell (Add a trip link) with trip dates and title and mark the Do not share with my Inner Circle box before submitting any confirmation email to (including auto import).   Marking a trip as not sharing with your Inner Circle after creation will not retroactively remove the trip from your Inner Circle members account.  

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

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