Fare Tracker

TripIt Pro monitors your flight itineraries for fare reductions. 

For U.S. itineraries, TripIt Pro monitors your itinerary for ongoing changes in price.  If we find a lower fare, we’ll send you an email or SMS or PUSH alert when a potential airline credit or refund may be available. 

Here’s how it works:

  • For airlines that typically allow refunds or credits, we'll notify you when we find a lower economy-class, non-refundable fare for your reservation.
  • All decisions on credits and refunds are made by the airline or travel agency as further restrictions may apply.  As airfares change rapidly, we suggest contacting your travel agency or airline as soon as you receive a fare reduction alert. 
  • If you receive a refund or credit from the airline or travel agency, just update the total price within your TripIt itinerary and we’ll resume monitoring your reservation for even lower fares. Please see our help page on editing your trip.
  • Airlines we currently track for refunds are: Alaska Airlines (AS), American Airlines (AA), Delta (DL), Frontier (F9), Hawaiian Airlines (HA), Jetblue (B6), Southwest (WN) and United Airlines (UA).

Why an itinerary might not be be monitored for price changes.

Here are a few reasons TripIt Pro may not be tracking your airfare:

  • At least one traveler on the trip must be a TripIt Pro subscriber. 
  • We begin tracking your fare 100 days before your departure date.
  • Only reservations with origins, connections, and destinations within the U.S. will be tracked.
  • Your TripIt itinerary must include the total price you paid for your flight and must be listed in USD.
  • Your details must be current.  If the airline sent you a schedule change, be sure to send your updated itinerary to plans@tripit.com.

How to receive email, Push, and SMS alerts.

If you want to receive email and/or Push or SMS alerts when we find lower fares for your flights be sure to enable alerts here.

What you will see in your itinerary.

On your itinerary page the outbound flight will display TripIt Pro found a refund for this flight.


 Clicking on 'TripIt Pro found a refund for this flight' displays the details.


Updated: Jan 23, 2019


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