TripIt Pro billing question

You can contact us with TripIt Pro or TripIt for Teams billing questions two ways.

Use our Contact Support form.

If you use your email address associated with your TripIt Pro or Teams account your ticket will automatically be escalated to our prioritized support queue.  We will make every effort to respond to you within one business day.

Leave us a message.  Phone us at 415.684.7258 and select 0 (for operator).

The message you receive after calling this number will prompt you to provide your email address and your question (the email address is the only way we can look up your account information.).  Your information will be converted to a support ticket and placed in our priority queue.  As with Pro and TripIt for Teams billing email submissions, we will make every effort to respond to you within one business day.

***Please note: Subscription costs already charged to your credit card per the user agreement consented to at time of sign up are non-refundable.  This includes charges that were made due to not canceling your free trial prior to the end of the trial period and for annual renewals of non-cancelled subscriptions.

The TripIt Support team is available to answer tickets Monday-Friday during normal business hours, Pacific Time (USA).  

Updated: Nov 26, 2017

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