How to apply a promo code

Here's how to enter a promo code for TripIt Pro subscriptions.

From your signed in Home page on our website click on the TripIt Pro tab



If not signed in click on the TripIt Pro link located at the top of the page.


You can also click on the TripIt Pro link located in the footer of any page.

The TripIt Pro Sign Up page is a single form used for all Pro sign ups (free trials, discounted, and other promotional subscriptions).

  • If your promo code is for a discounted rate you will need to fill in all other fields (credit card, security code, etc.).
  • If your promo code is for a free subscription you do not need to enter any data other than the promo code (no credit card. etc. is required.) 


Note: A new promo code cannot be added to an existing TripIt Pro subscription until the current subscription has expired.

Updated: Feb 14, 2019




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