Seat Tracker

Use Seat Tracker to find a better seat on your flight.

TripIt Pro subscribers can use Seat Tracker to find a better seat or find seats together on any valid upcoming flight.  Seat Tracker will alert you if we find the seats you want so you can try to nab those seats before someone else does.

Alerts can be received on the Web via email and on our Android and iOS mobile devices via SMS and PUSH notification.  

First set your search:  On the Web, open an upcoming trip and click the Seat Tracker link under your flight or go to the Seat Tracker page, click Create a New Alert, and select your flight. On the app select Pro > Seat Tracker > Create A New Alert.

Specifics: To limit your search to a specific kind of seat (such as aisle over the wing), first click the ANY menu and choose ALL before you make your selections.

If you'd like to include premium economy or business class seats in your search, click the Include premium economy check box in the Premium cabins section.  

Need to find seats together? Use the Traveling with others menu to search for up to 4 seats together. (We'll look for subsequent seats in the same row, or corresponding seats in subsequent rows, such as 17B and C, and 18B and C.)

When we find your seat: We'll send you an alert via email or to your mobile phone via SMS or PUSH with the details you need to contact your carrier or booking agent to change your seat.

Note that many airlines charge a service fee to change seats, so be sure to check with your carrier before rebooking!

To update your email or mobile alert settings, go to the Travel Alerts page.

Didn't get the seat? Reactivate your search and try again! To reactivate your search, go to the Seat Tracker alerts page and click the Redo button next to your flight.

You can also edit your settings. Go to the Seat Tracker alerts page and click the Redo button next to the alert you'd like to edit. On the next page you can update your search criteria and resave you search.

What if you can't find my flight? Unfortunately you can't use Seat Tracker with flights we can't monitor or airlines that do not offer seat selection, such as Southwest, Frontier, and Ryan Air.

You will also not be able to start or reactivate a search for flights within four hours of departure time. To change your seat close to departure, check in with your airline at the airport check-in desk or your gate.

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Updated: Nov 7, 2018

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