Using Point Tracker

Setting up Point Tracker

TripIt Pro's Point Tracker will monitor most reward programs automatically: Just select your program, enter the credentials you use to sign in to that program's website, and add an optional nickname for the program. We'll track your total miles or points and any other details, such as status level, we can find for that program.

Point Tracker currently supports more than 150 reward programs, including air, hotel, transportation, parking, dining, and credit card rewards.

If you don't see your favorite program, let us know!  In the meantime you can manually add any reward program not included in our vendor list to your Point Tracker page by selecting Add Account > Other on both our website and Android and iOS apps.

American, Delta, and Southwest

American, Delta, and Southwest have restricted access to their frequent-traveler programs by third-party services.

How and what to submit for American, Delta, and Southwest: To track your balances for the American , Delta, and Southwest programs you can forward the reward-program summary emails you receive from those airlines to us at, much like you can forward your travel plans to We'll update Point Tracker with your latest balance so you can track all your miles and points in one place.

  • To track your program for American, Delta, and Southwest be sure to send us only your monthly or quarterly program statements. Each of these three airlines do provide emailed account summaries. Typically those emails will include the words Summary, Statement, or Report in the subject line.  If you currently do not receive a monthly or quarterly email summary you can request to do so in the email settings/subscriptions area of the AA, DL, and WN websites. Point Tracker does not support other emails from your airline such as special promotions (which may also include your account balance) or non-original email formats (e.g. copy and paste into email, hand typed itinerary, printed from Web browser, scans).
  • Auto-import: Unfortunately, at this time, we can't track your American, Delta, or Southwest miles and points automatically. To track these programs be sure to forward your reward-program statements to regularly.

 Updated: Nov 7, 2018

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