LoungeBuddy Pro benefit

TripIt Pro VIP benefit: $25 credit promo code for LoungeBuddy

 TripIt Pro users can now receive a $25 one-time use LoungeBuddy credit promo code to purchase airport lounge access available through LoungeBuddy.

How to obtain your LoungeBuddy credit promo code

TripIt Pro users can receive their one-time LoungeBuddy credit promo code on our Android and iPhone mobile apps and website. (Credit is available only to customers who have not previously redeemed any LoungeBuddy promotional credit and is subject to LoungeBuddy's Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy and Promotional Code Policy).

Android or iPhone mobile apps: Simply tap on the TripIt Pro menu in your TripIt app and select LoungeBuddy to receive your $25 LoungeBuddy credit promo code.


From our website: Visit the TripIt Pro page on our website and click on the LoungeBuddy link located under Exclusive offers for Pro members to receive your $25 LoungeBuddy credit promo code.

How to redeem your LoungeBuddy credit: The $25 LoungeBuddy credit promo code is processed within the LoungeBuddy mobile app. (TripIt Pro users who do not have the LoungeBuddy mobile app will need to download the free app to redeem their code.)

LoungeBuddy locations: full list of LoungeBuddy locations is available.

LoungeBuddy Support: While the $25 LoungeBuddy credit code is a benefit of your TripIt Pro subscription, you will need to contact LoungeBuddy directly for questions on their product. Please send your questions to support@loungebuddy.com

                                                                                                                           Updated: Nov 6, 2018

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