Edit trip itinerary on our mobile apps

You can change the high-level or trip item detail of your itinerary on your Android and iOS devices.

On our Android and iOS apps you can edit any trip or trip object using the nearest edit or floating action button.  You must have collaborator access to edit a trip that has been shared with you.

If editing is not available at any time you can edit your trip information on our website or m.tripit.com. Please see our Edit trip itinerary on our website help page.

Note: Our native Blackberry app is view-only. 


Edit trip details:

1. Select the trip you wish to edit from your list of trips accessed by tapping the Trips tab at the bottom left of the main page view.


 2. Tap the floating action button located at the bottom right of the trip view.


3. Tap on the text in the area (i.e Sat, Aug 13, 2018) where you wish to make your edit, make your adjustment, and then tap Save (top right).

Edit a plan:

1. Tap on the plan you want to edit then tap the floating action button (bottom right).


2. Tap Edit Details.


3. Make your updates. Once you start typing, we'll provide location suggestions and fill in the address (iPhone only).

4. Tap Save.

Delete a plan:

1. Tap the trip plan you want removed and tap the floating action button (bottom right).

 2. Tap Delete Item.



1. Instructions for editing on the iPad app are the same with the exception that we do not offer trip cards on the iPad app.


Edit a plan:

1.Tap on the trip item (flight, hotel, meeting, etc.) you wish to edit then tap the floating action button (bottom right).


2. Make your edits and tap Save (top right).


Delete a plan:

1. Tap on the trip item you want deleted then tap on the action bar icon (top right).


2. Tap Delete Plan.

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Note: Currently, trip description information is suppressed on mobile devices while we develop our redesign. Our developers are aware of this and plan to add trip description in the future. We always appreciate receiving positive suggestions and comments, and do provide all feedback to the appropriate TripIt team for consideration and review.

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

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