Android and iOS permissions

Why we have specific permission requirements for our mobile apps.

Our Android and iOS apps ask for calendar permissions solely to allow users to subscribe to their TripIt calendar feed from their device. Read-permission allows us to be sure we do not add duplicates of our own calendar entries. If you have seen a Read Contact Data message this refers to the Share functionality on your app that allows you to pick any email address from the address book stored locally on your phone so that you can share your itineraries with anyone you wish. Please rest assured that we do not store the contents of your address book.

Android Notes:

Bluetooth: With our Android app v3.3 we added Bluetooth to the list of permissions so that the app is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch when downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy Store. (Not available for Verizon subscribers.)

Direct Call: Our Android v3.4 app permissions also include direct call.   The direct call permission request is related to a new feature we offer in the app for our Pro users: the ability to set up SMS to receive travel alerts as text messages as an alternative to using push or email. Google requires us to ask all users to review the permissions. This is an opt-in only option that is available only to our Pro app users but that is within the embedded free and non free version of our app whether you're PRO or non-PRO. The permission is required by Google and by law guidelines.

Wifi connection information: A wifi connection is needed for a number of Pro features such as Go Now, Navigator, and flight statuses. 

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

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