LoungeBuddy is a TripIt partner providing airport lounge content to over 800 airports and 2000 airport lounges worldwide. 

You can view airport lounge hours, location, ratings, reviews, photos, amenities, access requirements, and guest privileges for each lounge.  LoungeBuddy content is currently available on the TripIt mobile apps for Android and iPhone.

TripIt Pro members receive a one-time $25 lounge credit with LoungeBuddy.  Please see our help page describing how to acquire your promo code.

Accessing Airport Lounge Content:

To view the airport lounge content, you must first have an upcoming flight. You will see an option to view airport lounge content from the flight page.


Tripit - LoungeBuddy Integration

TripIt users can sync their TripIt itineraries over to the LoungeBuddy App on iPhone (Android coming soon!).  With this option, LoungeBuddy will be able to suggest the best lounge options instantly based on your trip itinerary. With all of your trip details in place, LoungeBuddy will help you instantly purchase access to a lounge near you or show you all of the lounges you are eligible to access for free based on your elite statuses, lounge memberships, flight details, and premium credit cards specified in your LoungeBuddy profile.

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

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