Updates, notices, and bugs

Our latest updates, notices, and major bugs.


  • Android mobile app: The TripIt Travel Organizer app v8.2.1 for Android was released on December 26th. TripIt neighborhood safety scores now include a specific rating for LGBTQ safety. You can do more with your TripIt mobile calendar subscription, including sharing and refreshing the calendar feed. You can also adjust the time zone for individual travel plans as needed. The header within the app was redesigned to improve accessibility. We fixed some vexing bugs that crashed the app. Please update your Android devices!
  • iOS mobile app: The TripIt Travel Organizer app v11.3 for iOS was released on January 17th. Canceled travel plans? Forward cancellation emails for a flight, hotel, or car rental to plans@tripit.com to easily remove the reservation from your itinerary. New TripIt shortcuts for Siri let you ask for information about your gate and terminal, connecting flight, accommodations, and for TripIt Pro users, baggage claim details. You can add TripIt to the Dock on your Watch for quick access to your travel plans. We improved VoiceOver support to increase accessibility. Also, we fixed a bug that caused some phone numbers to not be included in hotel or ground transportation reservations on the Watch. Please update your iOS devices!
  • Passwords: Account passwords now require a minimum of nine characters including at least one non-number or letter. 
  • Support: The TripIt Support team is available to answer tickets Monday-Friday during normal business hours, Pacific Time (USA). 


  • Add to TripIt button: Smaller vendors, whose confirmation emails are not currently supported, can now place an Add to TripIt button on their confirmation page. Details can be found in our Add to TripIt button & standard confirmation email format help page.
  • Point Tracker: TripIt Pro's Point Tracker now supports more than 150 reward programs offering you the opportunity to organize your reward programs and track all your points and miles in one place. Visit our Point Tracker page for a complete list of supported programs, including airline, hotel, car, train, credit cards, and more.
  • TripIt Blog: Keep up-to-date by following the TripIt blog.


  • Fixed!  TripIt Android App Crashing: (updated Dec 26th)

    An update is available that fixes the bugs that caused the app to crash for some of our users.  Please make sure you have updated to TripIt Android app v8.2.1.


Updated: Jan 17, 2019

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