Reset or change your password

You can reset or change your password anytime on our website and on our Android and iOS mobile app

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Reset your password

On our TripIt apps: Select Forgot your password? directly below the Sign In button.


On our website:  Click on the Sign In link on our website, then click Forgot your password? located below the Sign In button.


From our Web Help Center home page:  Select Click Here in the Still Need Help? area of the TripIt Help Center homepage.


All links will take you to the Sign In help page:  Enter any email address associated with your TripIt account and then hit Continue. TripIt will send an email to this email address with a link and instructions on how to instantly reset your password. Your password must contain a minimum of eight characters and can not be an email address.  The maximum number of characters is 64.  

Change your password 

On our TripIt apps: Tap More (bottom right) > Settings > Account > Change Password.

On our website: Click your user name (top right) > Settings > Change password

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

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