TripIt or TripIt Pro?

TripIt offers both a free and a premium service (TripIt Pro).

If you upgrade to TripIt Pro (our standard subscription cost is $49 annually) you'll get:

  • Alerts – Along with a check-in alert, receive the latest info about flights delays, cancellations, connections, gate changes, baggage claim and more, on any mobile device, for any airline regardless of where the flight was booked. 
  • Alternate Flights – Get unbiased re-booking options for any flight delays or cancellations, including flight status and available seats, across all available airlines.
  • Refund Tracker - If your airfare is eligible for a refund, we'll let you know how much and who to contact.
  • Point Tracker – Keep track of frequent traveler accounts, balances and expirations, all in one place.
  • Inner Circle – Identify key people, like an administrative assistant or spouse, who get automatic access to every trip.
  • VIP Privileges - Get 4-months of CLEAR free and other discounts, a one-time $25 LoungeBuddy credit.
  • Seat Tracker — Choose the kind of seat you want, or tell us if you need seats together.  We'll notify you if your seat becomes available.
  • Go Now - Appearing 24 hours prior to your scheduled flight time (US domestic currently; all flights in the near future), tells drivers when you should leave for the airport based on your current location, flight status, and real-time traffic conditions. 
  • Interactive Maps - Available for TripIt Pro users with our Android 6.5 or iOS 9.5 app version, our new interactive airport maps are currently available for 51 airports worldwide.
  • Security Wait times - TripIt Pro users with our Android 7.2 and iOS 10.2 app can get airport security wait times for select airports.

See the comparison chart below for a quick view of the differences between TripIt basic and TripIt Pro memberships. (Note: Go Now, our newest feature, is not shown).


Updated: Jan 24, 2018

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