Merge accounts

You can merge multiple TripIt accounts into one.

If you have created multiple TripIt accounts you can easily merge / combine all data from both accounts into one single account.  All travel and account information and any paid subscriptions will carry over to the merged account.  Accounts can be merged on our website and our Android and iOS apps.

Android and iOS: Go to Settings (TripIt > More > Settings > Merge Accounts).  Only available on TripIt Android v6.0 and iOS v9.0 and up. 

Website: Sign in with any of your email addresses associated with your primary (usually oldest) TripIt account. 

Add all of your work and personal email addresses to your account on the Email settings page.


If any of these email addresses are linked to another account we will send you a confirmation email which you need to click to confirm the merge.


If you already are sure you have more than one account, just click on 'Have a different account that you'd like to merge with this one?'


You will receive an email with a link to confirm the merge. If you need to sign into your account to finalize the merge, please make sure you sign into your primary account or the account you were signed into when you initiated the merge. Do not sign in with the email address you are trying to add/merge.


Password Problems: Please note each account has it's own password. If at any point you are having trouble merging your accounts due to a password issue you can request your password be reset from the main sign in page.  Just click on the help me sign in link located under the password field and specify the email address for the account you can't access. You will receive an email from with instructions on resetting your password. Your password must contain a minimum of eight characters and can not be an email address.   

Primary Email Address: The email address for the account that initiates the merge will become the primary email address after the merge is complete.  If you'd like to change your primary email address for the merged account, go to Email settings on your profile page and select the desired email address from the menu. Be sure to click the 'save' button at the bottom of the page.

Add / Remove Additional Email Addresses: You can add / remove additional email addresses, at any time, on the About you page directly above the ‘Have a different account that you’d like to merge with this one?’ link. 

Unmerge an Account: Sorry to say that it is not possible to unmerge (reverse merge) an account. If you wish to have a separate account for one or more of the email addresses associated with your current account your best option is to delete those addresses and then open a new account with them. To transfer any trip data you can share those trips with the new accounts.


Updated: Nov 7, 2018

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