Travel stats calculation

Your Travel Stats measure the distance traveled between your daily locations (including home location) for itineraries that list you as a traveler. Travel stats are available on the Home page of our website and the More tab in our Android and iOS app.

The calculation:

  • Is made after the conclusion of your trip.
  • Assumes that you are returning home between trips.
  • May take up to a day to post to your account.
  • Note: Single, long-term trips which are greater then 366 days are excluded from travel stats; when tabulating countries visited your home country is included if you have a domestic trip.

If you believe your travel statistics are not calculating properly, be sure to check the following:

1.That your home location is properly set on the About you page.

  • Enter you city in the box titled Home location (you will be given a drop-down list of cities to choose from once you begin typing your city name).

Home location.jpg

2. That you are listed as a traveler on the trip on your Itinerary page.

  • To change the designation to Traveler, please see our help page for instructions.

3. For single date trips (same start/end date - e.g. start May 10/end May10), TripIt sets your daily location (last location before midnight) to your home location and no distance is added. We plan to improve the logic for this case in the future.  For now a good workaround is to add a map for your destination dated for the next day.

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Updated: Sep 19, 2018

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