TripIt Connections

TripIt Pro customers can set network connections with other TripIt users.   

A TripIt Connection is someone with whom you share summarized travel information, on a continual basis.  Network connections can see summaries of your upcoming travel destinations and travel dates associated with your TripIt itineraries; as you will see theirs. 

How to add a Connection:  For now, Connections can only be added from our website.

Sign-in to your account on the TripIt website > Select the Network tab > Select Add connectionsInvite connections by email address > Your invitation will be sent to your contacts via email.  Once they accept your invitation, they will be added to your list of connections.

How to remove a Connection:  Sign-in on our website > go to your Network page where a list of all travelers will appear directly below the All link > Click on the name of the connection you wish to delete.


A pop-up window will appear > select Remove as a connection.

Prevent your network from seeing your trip:  Setting a trip as private prevents your network from seeing summary details of that trip.

To access the trip you want to make private click on the Edit Trip link on the details page for that itinerary.

Note: Setting a trip to private will not retroactively remove trips already posted to your network.  The best path is to create a trip shell first (start/end dates and primary destination) marking it as private. 

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

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