Travel arrangers

TripIt can help you organize travel plans for your travelers.

TripIt offers a premium (TripIt for Teams) and a basic way to manage travel plans for others. TripIt for Teams provides travel planners with a way to plan and manage travel for others and create group travel calendars all on an easy-to-use interface. Both TripIt for Teams and basic TripIt allow the travel arranger and the traveler to see the trip in their respective TripIt accounts and both can make changes as needed.  

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TripIt for Teams

TripIt for Teams' powerful features will simplify and streamline travel planning for teams of all types and sizes. Whether you're an office manager, assistant, admin, or anyone who plans travel, you'll find that TripIt for Teams is the easiest, most efficient way to keep you and your travelers organized.

Tripit for Teams features: 

  • Instant itineraries keep everyone organized.
  • Central travel dashboard gives you total control.
  • Team calendar keeps everyone in sync.
  • Team-wide spending reports keep you informed.
  • Seamless TripIt integration gives your travelers flexibility.
  • Onboarding tools make gettting started a snap.
  • 25% off the TripIt Pro subscription rate for individual travelers.

After purchasing TripIt for Teams, just forward emails to with the traveler's email address in the subject line. TripIt places the plan in the right trip for the right traveler! You can use your TripIt for Teams Traveler Dashboard to quickly see all your travelers' trips. 


TripIt also supports a basic path for a travel planner to add trips to a business traveler's account while being able to view and update the trips from their own TripIt account.  The basic path does not offer a dashboard, team calendar, or spending reports.

Here's how:

  1. Travel planner creates a free TripIt account in their name. (Each traveler also needs their own account.)
  2. If managing multiple travelers, uncheck 'Put new plans into trips' in the Travel preferences section of your profile's About you page, which will make it easier to file the right plans in the right trip.
  3. When it's time to arrange travel for a business traveler, the Traveler planner creates a new trip 'shell' (using any '+ Add a trip' link) in their  TripIt account, entering just the Trip Name, Primary Location, and Start/End Dates, unchecking 'I am a traveler on this trip'. Use trip names like 'Chicago, 5/1/08, Traveler Name' to help keep things organized.
  4. Travel planner forwards all the business traveler's confirmation emails to and all travel information is automatically added to the new trip based on the start and end date.  (If managing multiple travelers, travel arranger moves trip from Unfiled Items folder into trip shell.)
  5. Travel planner customizes the TripIt itinerary as necessary, adding driving directions, client meetings, restaurant reservations, etc.
  6. Travel planner shares trip with business traveler, inviting them as a Traveler and an Editor.

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

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