Change primary email address

Your primary email address is your address TripIt sends emails.

If you have multiple email addresses in your TripIt account you can choose which email to make as your primary.

(Note: new trip creation emails are sent to the email address from which the vendor confirmation email was submitted.)

Android and iOS apps:  On both Andorid and iOS go to More > Settings > Email Addresses


Then click on the email address you wish to be your primary and select.


Website: On the Email settings page in click on the triangle to the right of  your user name (upper right of any page) and select Settings.

Go to the Email settings section of your account settings page:


Under where we’ll send stuff (top of page) select the email address where you want TripIt emails to be sent.primary1.jpg

Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the page.


      Updated: Nov 3, 2018 

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