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Traveler Profile provides a repository for TripIt and TripIt Pro users to store key travel documents and contacts. 

Your travel documents and contacts information are stored in one place and are easily accessible while traveling. 

Traveler Profile document information options include Passport, Drivers License, USCIS Green Card, Global Entry, US Military ID, USCIS Reentry Permit, US US TSA Pre, Alclear LLC Clear Card, and SENTRI.  There is also a generic template (Other) to place additional document information. 

Any contact can be stored in your Traveler Profile, from emergency contacts to your pet sitter (or other important contacts you may need while traveling).  *We strongly recommend never storing financial data and passwords in Traveler Profile.  


All important travel documents and contacts are at your fingertips.

Traveler Profile centralizes the contacts you need the most while traveling so you can easily access them while you’re on the go.

Traveler Profile allows you to input and store documents for yourself and your fellow travelers, so everyone’s travel information is in one place.

And it’s protected.  TripIt encrypts all sensitive information stored on our servers.  (Additionally, a 4-digit PIN is required to access your encrypted Traveler Profile information from your mobile device.) 

Who else can view your Traveler Profile:

If you have TripIt for Teams and have a designated travel admin, they will have access to all of your Traveler Profile information if viewing from the TripIt website.   However, they have read-only access. Travel administrators do not have access through their mobile devices.  

No one else can see your profile. Your Inner Circle cannot see your Traveler Profile information.  Even if you have shared your trip with someone on TripIt, they do not have access to your Traveler Profile Information. 

Here's how to access and enter your Traveler Profile information when on our website.

Your user profile areas can be accessed by clicking on the triangle directly to the right of you user name on any signed-in page and then selecting Profile.

Access is gained by clicking on the Traveler Profile link.


Inside the Traveler Profile you can add both travel document and travel contact information in their respective areas.  

- In each area you can choose from a list of pre-designed forms and contact types.  

- Information for forms or contacts not listed can be entered by selecting Other at the bottom of each menu.

- Once created all areas can be edited by selecting the associated pencil icon.

Traveler Profile


Travel Contacts


Who sees what?

By selecting from the menu in the View Profile As: area you are provided of your profile view as displayed to you, your network, and everyone (based on your settings).


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Updated: Nov 7, 2018

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