Facebook trip sharing

You can share your travels with your friends on Facebook.

With Facebook for TripIt, your friends can see when you're planning, departing, and returning from your trips. It's the easiest way to get travel advice from your social network—where to eat, what to see, what to do, all that stuff-or to help you meet-up with friends in the same city as you. Your TripIt trips are automatically posted to your Facebook News Feed so it’s easy to get comments right when you need them the most.

What information is shared:

Facebook publishing only posts high level trip information--primary destination as well as month and year of the trip--on your Facebook profile. 

Enable publishing:

You can enable Facebook publishing from our main site (www.tripit.com). After signing in, go to Settings (from your screen name) > Publishing Your Data > Social Networks and Blogs and select Set up Facebook posting.

When trip information displays:

Trip posts are not immediate and depend on date entered in TripIt.   New trips planned 5 or more days in the future will provide a Planning a trip post and trips planned outside of 48 hours of departure will generate an About to leave posting the day prior to the trip.  We also will push a Returning post on the last day of the trip.   Trips in your account prior to enabling the app are not posted.

Disable publishing:

To disable Facebook publishing, on our main site (www.tripit.com), sign in and then go to Settings (from your screen name) > Publishing Your Data > Social Networks and Blogs and select Off for Automatic Facebook Publishing.

Updated: Jun 5, 2017

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