TripIt Groups

Create a free TripIt group!

A TripIt group makes it easy for everyone in your company to share travel plans. Group members can use the group’s shared calendar to coordinate schedules, share travel resources, and stay organized.

How it works:

  • A TripIt group is organized around a domain name (like, and you must have a valid email address ( to join that group.
  • Group members can see only the travel dates and locations of other company employees on a shared company calendar and map that displays each member’s location. 

Basic groups are free. If you’re looking for more group travel tools, including the ability to manage travel for others, share detailed itineraries, and manage spending, sign up for TripIt for Teams.

To create or join your group:

To see if your company already created a group, or to create your own now, visit our groups page and search for your company’s domain name.  You will need to sign into your account if you have not already.


Where's my group?

The Group Travel Calendar can be found under the Teams tab (top of page, to the right of the TripIt Pro tab) once you sign in to your account on our website.


You can leave a TripIt group at any time.

If you would like to remove yourself from a group, on the Teams page, click Leave group, located at the top right of calendar.


If you would like to remove someone else from a group, on the Teams page, click on the group member's name (located under Sorted by Travel) then click Flag for removal from group.


A free group, once created, cannot be deleted.  

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

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