Where's my group?

We've added a Teams Calendar and moved the Group location to a new page.

Our new and enhanced Groups page (including Teams Calendar) can be found under the Teams tab (top of page, to the right of the TripIt Pro tab) once you sign in to your account.


Note: The default display on the Groups page is the Teams Calendar. You can chose to change your view to the map or today's only calendar by selecting Groups and clicking on your choice. 

Forum - User - Remove from Group.png

Do you want to get more from from your company group? 

Upgrade to TripIt for Teams for:

  • A Today view, allowing you to see exactly where your coworkers are today.
  • Historical and future travel plans on your calendar.
  • A dashboard for office managers and admin assistants to make itineraries for travelers they support.

Find out more on our TripIt for Teams page.

Updated: Aug 30, 2016

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