Authorizing Auto-Import for email

Auto-Import connects your Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo! Mail, and Outlook in-boxes with your TripIt account.

Once connected, your travel plans are automatically added to your TripIt account. You never have to remember to forward an email. TripIt will scan your primary inbox multiple times a day for travel plans, then automatically import them into TripIt.  (Auto-Import is currently only offered for Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo! Mail, and

Setting up Auto-Import.

Android and iOS mobile apps: Tap the More tab, select Settings, and under Email Addresses tap on the email address(es) you wish to authorize auto-import. 

Website:  Sign in to your TripIt account and click Set up Auto-Import and never forget to forward a plan on your home page.


Then enter your Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo! Mail or account (it may auto-fill for you) and click Import Plans From This Email.

  • For Google, you will be prompted to let TripIt access your inbox. Click Grant Access.
  • For Yahoo!, you will need to provide your Yahoo! password. 
  • For, you will be prompted to enter your password, then click Yes.  
  • Note: TripIt will not store your email account password, nor will we have any record of it

That's it! TripIt will scan your inbox multiple times a day for travel plans.


Auto-Import is an optional feature the user elects to authorize and is not required to use TripIt.

Once authorized, import is not immediate; your inbox will be scanned within 24 hours.

Auto-Import will only scan your Primary inbox.  If your Gmail account has inbox tabs (i.e. Promotions, Social, etc.) you will need to disable (Settings > configure inbox) any tabs where travel confirmations are delivered.

Currently authorization can only be made via our website.  

Make sure your in-box contains only recent confirmation emails.  At sign up TripIt will look for all travel related emails, from the last 30 days, in your main in-box regardless of travel date (future or past).  As most vendor confirmation emails do not identify the year of travel, past trips may be imported as upcoming trips as TripIt assumes undated travel is for a future trip.


                                                                                                        Updated: Sep 13, 2018 

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