Auto-Import posting other traveler's trips

Auto-Import will import all travel related confirmation emails from your inbox.  

We currently cannot differentiate between travelers (re: another person has forwarded their confirmation email to your inbox).

If you see another person's travel has been imported from your email inbox into an existing or new itinerary in your account the trip or trip item(s) can be easily deleted. 

If you consistently receive forwarded confirmation emails from others to your email inbox and you want to continue to use our Auto-Import feature, another option is to turn off the functionality in your account that automatically places imported plans into trips.  When this occurs, all new plans are placed in your unfiled items file and you will be able to move the plans into an existing trip, create a new trip for the item, delete the plans, or leave them in your unfiled items file.
To turn off the auto placement of plans, after signing in, click on your user id (upper right of any page), select Settings and then select About you in the left nav bar. On the About you page scroll to the very bottom and in the category Unfiled items uncheck Put new plans into trips. Be sure to select Save before exiting the page.

Additional Auto-Import Help:

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

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