Vendor Add to TripIt plugin

Our TripIt Plugin is simple JavaSript that is added to your booking confirmation page allowing your user's booking details to be sent to TripIt.

The Add to TripIt Plugin (Add to TripIt button) can be implemented in just a few minutes. The plugin is simple JavaSript that is added to your booking confirmation page which allows booking details to be sent to TripIt. The code is provided by TripIt and can simply be placed wherever the plugin (Add to TripIt button) should appear on a booking confirmation page. Currently the following travel objects are supported: LodgingObject, CarObject,  RestaurantObject , ActivityObject, and TransportObject (i.e taxi, airport shuttles).  At this time air, cruise, and rail objects are not supported with the TripIt Plugin.  

This option allows you to maintain full control of your booking confirmation page design. The full documentation along with step by step instructions for this solution can be accessed via our TripIt Developer Center. You will also register and access the code via our TripIt Developer Center. After the plugin is available on the partners confirmation page a user will:

  1. Click on the Add to TripIt button.
  2. Be prompted to either, Sign In or Sign Up for TripIt.
  3. Booking confirmation will be instantly added to their TripIt account.

TripIt offers airline, lodging, car rental, cruise, and travel agency vendors a one-step request path to see if their current confirmation emails are a format TripIt currently supports (parses) or if support needs to be built or updated.  If you are a travel vendor please attach your confirmation(s) email and submit to

  • TripIt supports most booking vendors and we will continually add new companies as quickly as we can.
  • TripIt is optimized to process English-language confirmation emails.  
  • The vendor check email address is for use only by travel vendors.

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

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