SAP Concur: Activate TripIt for Teams

Concur admins for Triplink accounts can activate TripIt for Teams from their Concur Solutions account. 

Only one person in your company can be the designated TripIt for Teams owner and activate the TripIt for Teams subscription. This person is normally the company's Concur admin. Once the TripIt for Teams subscription is activated, the owner will have the ability to add additional travelers and administrators to the team.

Here's how:

1. After signing into your Concur Solutions account, click Administration > Company > TripIt Configuration.​


2. If you haven't activated TripIt Pro, click Activate my TripIt Pro account button and follow the prompts to link your Concur account to TripIt.

3. If you've already activated TripIt Pro, click the Make me the TripIt for Teams owner button.


Once you've activated TripIt for Teams, you can sign into your TripIt account and start creating teams and adding your travelers and administrators. We've created video tutorials demonstrating how to use TripIt for Teams. You can also find additional information on our TripIt for Teams help pages.

**Do not enter your credit card information on the TripIt for Teams retail sign up page as this will result in a charge to your card.

Updated: Nov 13, 2018


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