SAP Concur: Getting started with TripIt

Concur Travel users can have their Concur itineraries automatically added to their TripIt account simply by linking their Concur and TripIt accounts. 

Any plan not added via Concur can be added to TripIt by forwarding the original vendor confirmation email from your email inbox to You can also manually add other plans such as meetings, restaurants, conferences and more to your Tripit account from our website and TripIt apps.

Activate TripIt Pro

If your company is providing you with free TripIt Pro, your Pro subscription is activated when you connect your TripIt and Concur accounts. Please see our TripIt Pro page to view all of the benefits that come with a TripIt Pro subscription. If you have not already connected your TripIt account to Concur, please view our help page or this help video for instructions.

Trip updates

When Concur adds a plan to your TripIt account, it must be edited or deleted from your Concur account. Once the change is made in Concur, the Concur API will sync the update to TripIt. If a plan was originally added in TripIt, you’ll need to make the edits from your TripIt account. Please view our editing itinerary on our website and mobile apps help pages. 

Support offered by TripIt

The TripIt support team provides support for TripIt functionality questions. If you have a question on TripIt, please contact our support team via our feedback form. We do not have access to Concur travel, expense, implementation, or contract information. You will need to contact your Concur Program Administrator for any Concur related question.

TripIt app

Download the TripIt app to your Android or iOS device to access your trips and account information at anytime.

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Updated: Feb 5, 2019

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