SAP Concur: Bugs and common issues



No known major bugs at this time.

Common issues

Company provided TripIt Pro not activated:  On occasion the established link between Concur and TripIt breaks.  For most users unlinking their Concur and TripIt accounts and then relinking resolves the connection problem and re-establishes their TripIt Pro subscription. Our help page has instructions.

Existing TripIt Pro retail customer offered Pro by their company via TripLink:  Once you have linked your Concur Travel and TripIt accounts your TripIt Pro subscription will automatically revert to your company paid subscription at the conclusion of your current Pro subscription. Please see our help page for instructions on linking your TripIt and Concur accounts.

Personal Trips: Concur Travel users can prevent personal trips in their TripIt account from being displayed in Concur by unchecking the Business trip box. Our help page has more details.

Year-long trip: If Concur has added a year-long trip to your TripIt account, the usual cause is a passive (non-live booking) trip segment, entered by your travel agency, a year out from the reservation start date. The passive segment allows the travel agency to keep the record active in their system. TripIt has no control over the inclusion of passive segments in your live booking record. Please contact TripIt support via our feedback form for assistance.


Your Concur booked trips will be pushed by the Concur API to your TripIt account.  If you also use our Auto-Import feature please be aware that on occasion duplicate trip entries may be created in TripIt. To avoid trip item or itinerary duplications you may wish to consider not authorizing auto-importing of your confirmation emails.

Never enter your credit card: If your company provides you TripIt via their Concur contract there is never a need to enter your credit card information on the TripIt site.  Credit card information is not provided to TripIt by Concur. If you find you did provide us your card in error and you were charged please contact us here.

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

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