CLEAR 4-month free trial

TripIt Pro members are eligible to receive a four-month free trial of CLEAR.

Following the 4-month trial TripIt Pro members will get a CLEAR membership for an annual price of $159, rather than $179. TripIt Pro members will also be able to share their CLEAR pass with one family member for free; this usually is an additional $50 per year

How to enroll:

1. After signing into your Pro account, click the tab titled TripIt Pro on our website


or tap the Pro tab on our Android and iOS apps.


2. Select CLEAR and fill out all required data on the enrollment form. Once completed and processed, you will receive an email from CLEAR detailing your next steps.

Please note: CLEAR is currently available to US citizens and legal permanent residents 18 and older with a valid U.S. passport or resident card.

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

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