Siri Shortcuts

Siri shortcuts for flight information and travel plans are now available on our TripIt iOS app. 

With TripIt’s shortcuts for Siri you can quickly get details on your upcoming flight, travel plans, gate and terminal information, connecting flights, and accommodations. TripIt Pro users can also ask for baggage claim details. TripIt’s Siri shortcuts are available for all TripIt users with the iPhone and iPad TripIt apps.   

How to get started:

1. From within the TripIt app, tap Add to Siri from the trip itinerary screen (displays once only) or from the More tab > Siri Shortcuts.

2. From here, you'll be in Apple's Siri setup process where you'll need to record your own phrase such as "Flight status" or "Travel plans".

3. Once you're setup, you can use Siri to give you information on an upcoming flight such as airline, flight number, departure/arrival cities, departure time and if available, terminal and gate information. Pro users will also receive flight status information such as delays or gate changes. You can also use Siri to provide information on the next plan coming up in a trip.

Manage shortcuts

You can manage Siri shortcuts from within your device Settings > Siri & Search where you can change/re-record your Siri phrase or delete a shortcut.

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

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